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Arrtt Tourr 2021

Friday, October 15 - Sunday, October 17

10am - 5pm  |  Great Falls, Virginia


Join us for the 18th annual Great Falls Studios Art Tour. Over the three days – October 15th, 16th and 17th – you’ll have the opportunity to visit artists in their studios, watch them work, participate in activities, and purchase art – just as the fabulous fall foliage is erupting in color.


Choose your own adventure! It’s up to you where you go and who you see. Check out the tour map to see where you can find the artists, when they’re available and what activities you can experience. Will you create your own “Painter’s Tour”? Or will you make a day of it and see everyone on Saturday? Look out for our road signs; they’ll lead you to each studio.


During the tour you’ll meet a unique and diverse group of artists who are excited to share their vision and engage you in the creative process. Whether you watch a portrait in progress, tinker with the tools of a woodworker, or get your hands dirty and throw some pottery, take in the full spectrum of styles and mediums and share in the joy of creativity.