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DEMONSTRATION | 5:15PM | Saturday, October 16 | Mini oil painting with Jill Banks

DEMONSTRATION | 5:15PM | Friday, October 15 | Mini oil painting with Jill Banks

Jill Banks



My work runs the gamut from urban landscapes, still lifes, animals, interiors and portraiture painted in oils, primarily from life.  The more the subject changes in front of me - with characters wandering in, light shifting, movement - the happier I am. Challenges keep it all interesting. "I paint what I love.  I just love a LOT!" Pre-pandemic I would travel extensively annually on painting trips.  Art you will see in my space in the Atelier includes plein air and studio pieces from past and recent trips as well as interior scenes and tablescapes from my home painted during the shutdown. My portable easel just moved all over the house instead of from one outdoor scene to another.


Each day I will do a mini oil painting demo or talk on a different painting subject: one on still life, another portrait (hoping for a volunteer) and one on incorporating figures into the landscape (animal or people).  Each will last 45 minutes-1 hour starting at 5:15pm each day. Check my website at and/or Instagram at jillbanks1 for a schedule and more info.


What I love about the Artists' Atelier is its coziness and charm -- in the heart of the community of Great Falls. The Village Centre's Green is always full of people enjoying the company of friends and family with kids dancing and doing cartwheels on the lawn. The place is a muse for paintings in and of itself. Across the hall is the Arts of Great Falls School - where I teach - and gallery with changing exhibits.  Inspiration is vital and here, in the studio and school - it's constantly in full force for the artists in residence, students and visitors.  I'd love to have you visit and see what you think.  For Studio Tour, not only will the Atelier Artists have spiffed up their own spaces with new and favorite works, but we will also hang additional work in the Gallery space next door. So much to see!

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