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DEMONSTRATION | All Day | Saturday, October 16 |The stages of creating an oil painting with Coty Dickson 

DEMONSTRATION | All Day | Sunday, October 17 | The stages of creating an oil painting with Coty Dickson  

RAFFLE | 4:00PM | Sunday, October 17 | Drawing for oil painting with Coty Dickson

Coty Dickson



I specialize in contemporary oil and acrylic paintings. I’m partial to landscapes and still life because those subjects lend themselves to stories. I’m inspired to paint everyday life and I’m especially fascinated by the way light falls on a subject with the resulting shadows and variations of color. I try to show energy, vibrancy and movement by depicting strong shadow and light. I hope that each of my paintings engages the viewer with something to say allowing him/her to come away with an enlightened vision of the subject. Lately, I have explored the world of flowers and have painted a number of delightful flower still life including tulips, hyacinth, iris and daffodils.

You’ll be able to witness my creative process by peeking over my shoulder while I demonstrate the stages of creating an oil painting from the initial blocking in to the various layering of colors etching the painting’s progress starting on Saturday morning, Oct 16 and finishing on Sunday afternoon, Oct 17.

I’m a member of Artists on the Green, a consortium of six artists who came together to form a studio and gallery. The studio provides our members a place to be creative, to paint and to display their completed work, usually for sale. The studio also functions as a classroom where various artistic techniques are taught. During the tour, you’ll be able to see our creative process as you watch us paint. And, you’ll view majestic landscapes, colorful still life and striking abstracts all created by studio members.


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