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Phantom and Wicked

Oil Painting

Architecture is my first love; it’s what forms the basis of all my paintings—the ordering of space, the visual pleasure, and the power within a man-made or natural setting. As an architect, Manhattan offers me the ultimate opportunity to involve the viewer. The alternating muted and bright colors mixed with the architecture and atmosphere make the city itself the definition of a global entertainment and business center. There is a constant rush of cars, trucks, people and taxies. At night it never goes quiet or dark, always alive with the stories of millions of people, underscoring how, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. I recently reverted back to doing more watercolors. This gives me the opportunity to paint plein air scenes and not rely on photo reference material. I relish the outdoors and look forward to mixing the landscape with the architecture of a small village or farm. My studio is set up for me to do either depending on my mood and the weather.

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