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Michael McDermott




Digital Imagery 

I am a photographer who uses subtle, sometimes not so, embellishments to produce digital photographic imagery.  I have been taking photographs since I was in elementary school.  In 2005, I left film cameras and darkrooms behind for the digital world of pixel manipulation.  I have found that the digital side of photography allows more expansive expression.  Although I do, at times, photograph in a photo-journalistic style, I do not feel constrained to realistic renderings of the world around me.  I'm never sure how to classify my photographs.  The important part is that the photograph elicits a reaction; a sigh, a laugh, a frown, a smile.  It is then I consider the image a success.


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Katie's Cars & Coffee 2017 Photo Book

Available as a 13x11 inch hardback book, 74 pages,

or as a PDF document, both available at Blurb Books. 

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