Virtual Studio Tour 2020


Lochini Johnston

Rock Canvas Gardens



Acrylic on Stone


My passion for art comes to life in many different forms and it is very much of a discovery process through experiences in life. I have painted using many different media such as oils, water color, acrylic and charcoal on a variety of different bases such as wood, canvas, paper and stone. Some of my past work lean towards realism while my most recent work depicts a mixture of realism and surrealism. I paint on stone and enjoy what nature has to offer. This is how I connect with trees and celebrate nature by creating art that compliments the outdoors that lasts forever. After visiting the magnificent caves in France I was inspired by the ancient paintings inside the prehistoric caves of Europe. Those early paintings represent the birth of human creativity. It was a time the desire to paint was so great. The ancient painters used berries, vegetable oils, stones and fire to produce these unforgettable cave paintings. All my art pieces are hand painted and goes through a process that makes is weatherproof and durable allowing it to be placed outdoors or indoors through all seasons.


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