Virtual Studio Tour 2020

Joyce  Lee

The Artist’s Atelier


Oil Painting



Artist, Joyce Lee, wants people to enjoy the beauty of flowers – from representing the dancing movements of each petal to the interplay of the myriad tones within the color of the flower.  Starting with the inherent visual beauty of the flowers the point of her work is to give people a sense of serenity to allow them to open themselves to a deeper emotional response.  She hope people are able to discover and feel hope, peace, joy, comfort and most of all love of life and nature.  She started on this path by working to reinterpret traditional Korean paintings – cephalopod ink and water color on rice paper – into oil paintings on canvas.  The thought was to combine more modern and western mediums to present traditions and customs that are getting lost with the pace of life today.  As people are focused on “what’s next”, She would like to provide the opportunity to people to reflect on “what was”.  Making connections from her Korean heritage to other cultures of the world through the beauty of flowers can be a bridge to being able to understand each other on a different level.  For example, “The Power of Honor” – white peonies on blue background – shows a traditional Korean subject, peonies, which was symbolically used to represent honor and were often displayed in living rooms with the hope of bringing wealth and honor to their family.  The peonies were painted using multiple with different tones and temperatures to achieve a sense a stirring in the petals.  The interplay of the deep and rich blues of the background and the reddish tips of the inner petals helps to gives the flowers a sense of presence in the painting.  Even though, peonies are a common flower if my paintings can inspire a unique appreciation of their beauty and that opens the door to a moment of reflection then She have accomplished something in her small way.   


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