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I have to work with my hands. I have to create. The mediums and methods may vary over time, but the need to make something from start to finish with my own hands is primal. Creating, and teaching, calm my spirit and take me to that place where you loose track of time and the stresses of modern life. On any given day you might catch me sketching flowers or birds on my ipad, using digital design tools, laser cutters, and high voltage kilns. You may also find me sitting at my silversmithing bench soldering, filing, and sanding away using age old techniques taught over Century's. My work focuses on jewelry with symbolism and meaning. Relics, talismans, and amulets that represent the things we want to draw to ourselves from this Universe. I believe in the power of art to hear the soul.

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Simple Silhouette Curio Earrings using Metal Clay and Resin

DURATION: 90 minutes

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