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GuruSangat Khalsa I became an artist in order to freely express myself, without restriction. I make art in order to communicate with my inner self and the outside world. Sometimes I work to express visually that which is not necessarily visual - a fun challenge. Each piece begins with a thought, feeling, concept, or just a color or shape I'd like to explore. Making art is an exploration. I may start with one idea, but by the time the piece is finished, it has evolved into something different. That's part of the fun. I let the moment, the materials, and new ideas guide me. Spontaneity is key to the process. I like to work in different mediums, such as printmaking, oil, acrylic and I sometimes include found objects which add history and another story to the piece. My work ranges from representational to total abstraction. I also use photography and video. During the Studio Tour, I'll demonstrate different things including some painting techniques and how to make sculpture and 2 dimensional art out of household objects.

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GuruSangat Khalsa

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