Virtual Studio Tour 2020

Dorry Emmer

Colvin Kiwi


Fiber Art


My camera and I like to go on little explorations and adventures seeking to inspire storytelling. This year while we sheltered in place I developed a deep appreciation for the daily gifts to be found nearby in my garden. It has been a tremendous season for spring blooms and later, for butterflies. Subsequent jaunts, heading out to nearby parks hoping for a show stopping sunset, have been fun – there were few “wow” sunsets but always twilight scenes that speak softly of specific excursions. With no exotic jaunts to rely on it has been refreshing to fall back on my first love; to create.

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I also have an exhibit the the Great Falls TD Bank (at the corner of Georgetown Pike and Walker Road) consisting of six art works.  The exhibit is open to the public through November 5th with the appropriate masks and social distancing.

Visit my online Studio Tour store October 24 through November 7