Will Tuthill

Stop 3

Printmaking • Toad Stone Studio • 107 Jefferson Run Rd

 ToadStoneStudio.com info@ToadStoneStudio.com • 703-759-2810

Saturday and Sunday Only

        Art, science and history converge for a weekend of aesthetic and intellectual stimulation at Toad Stone Studio. Understand the magic of stone lithography. Experience the grace of Moku Hanga, the ancient art of Japanese Woodblock printing. Develop appreciation for current technology by learning about laborious hand-set type. Relax into the pace of times past with demonstrations and discussions with the artist. Participate in hands-on printmaking activities for children and adults. Enjoy a visual feast of the artist's detailed hand-pulled prints and other artwork on display and for sale. Behold the presiding toad.

        In his quest to create images imbued with life and energy, Will Tuthill engages backgrounds in art and science. His fascination with precision, subtle perceptions, time and elusive spirit drives the development of his richly detailed, symbolic, images. His favorite mediums include lithography, Moku Hanga and graphite. He has photographed extensively, writes poetry and dabbles in other mediums. His work is owned by the Hawaii State Foundation for Culture and Arts, numerous private collectors, and has shown in the U.S. and abroad including at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and in juried shows nationally and internationally.