Ronni Jolles

Stop 19

Fiber Art, Mixed Media • Great Falls Physical Therapy • 766-B Walker Road

703-981-1151 • •


It's hard to describe a new and different art form - an art form created by Ronni Jolles.   Using hundreds of kinds of paper, gathered from all over the world,  Ronni cuts, rips, sculpts, and layers the papers, glueing onto stretched canvas.  The technique has been refined over time, and each original work has a dimensional quality that can't be achieved with paint or any other medium.  Each kind of paper has a color and texture, and Ronni adds even more texture as she pulls and manipulates the papers as she glues. 

When you visit  Ronni's temporary studio at Great Falls Physical Therapy - next to the Creamery and behind the Old Brogue, you'll be able to see the many papers she uses, and the process she uses to create her works.  She'll have many examples of her work and plenty for you to touch!  Please come visit Ronni!