Pat Neuman

Stop 2

Fiber Art, Painting, Pastel • Smith Chapel • 11321 Beach Mill Rd • 703-759-9386

Saturday and Sunday Only

Painting in pastel, watercolor, pencil and ink. Garden inspirations pieced, sewn and knit.  My palette is bright.  Art, a lifelong pleasure.


As a child, I delighted in classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  We carried pint-sized stools, paint jars and imagination into galleries.  My father’s secretary gifted me a set of soft pastels. My school electives were in the art department.  Moving to DC, I ventured into the landscape with pastels and an encouraging instructor (thirty years later we remain in touch). More recently, I challenged myself with a curriculum of value, color, and line in botanical illustration.  Having sadly surrendered my own garden to the deer, I cultivate blooms on my easel.  I have returned to plein air, (currently enjoying my second season with Loudoun Sketch Club) inspired by the charms of Virginia’s farms, wineries, and villages.


Knitting and fiber are my “thinking caps”.  Puzzling how to shape a flower in yarn helps me refresh and reset.  Cutting and piecing fabric forces me to simplify.


My pastels, watercolors (originals and prints) and fiber art will be on exhibit and sale during the tour. I look forward to engaging guests, of all ages, in creative play and conversation.