Laura Nichols

Stop 10

Pottery • Pig Pen Pottery • Hidden Springs Farm  438 River Bend Rd • 703-901-7002 •

At Pig Pen Pottery you will see how both functional stoneware pottery and decorative raku pottery is made and fired. The pottery is located on the farm where Laura has lived her whole life. The chickens, guinea fowl, wildlife and goats inspire her painted pottery. Friday is the best day to see the workings of the studio. On Saturday we will demonstrate various low temperature firing techniques, such as Raku, Obvara, horsehair, and pit fire. On Sunday, in addition to visiting the studio, you are invited to try your hand at the wheel. Laura has been working with clay for more than 40 years. She makes functional stoneware that is dishwasher and oven safe, lead free, and meant for everyday use. Her raku and other bare clay pots are decorative pieces that show the influence of each unique firing technique. For more information about Pig Pen Pottery and Laura's body of work, please visit her website,, or email her at Please be aware that the pottery is at the end of a long one lane road. Please pull into other driveways to let others by.