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A main goal when embarking on this artistic voyage was to travel for inspiration and pay for those adventures through the sale of my work.  Proof of a dream realized surrounds you in a trip to my studio. You’ll feel yourself right there … standing beside me in the markets of Provence, the streets in Colorado and Tennessee, cafés in Paris, a playground in Falls Church, life found … and captured in oils on canvas on location (plein air) … far and wide. A favorite comment from collectors is: “We don’t feel like we are looking at your paintings. We feel like we are in them.” Perfect!

What will you do with the inspiration found on Studio Tour? Take a class? (Ranked top 9 Painting and Drawing Teacher in Metro DC area) Collect a piece? Take a giant leap of your own … to explore something new … as I did sixteen years ago enrolling in my first painting class since high school?

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