GuruSangat Khalsa

Stop 11

Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics

Playroom Studio • 836 Leigh Mill Rd • 703-759-4971

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Come down our wooded gravel driveway to the very last house to have fun with art! Each day at 2 PM, I'll teach you how to create a sculpture out of household items, and you can make something to take home! I'll also help you paint, draw, etc., throughout the day, as I, too, work on various projects. Watchers welcome, too! Peruse lots of art, art books and magazines, snack on delicious food, discuss art, techniques, and whatever strikes your fancy. Discover the fun of making your own art!

I play in many mediums and re-purpose some of the otherwise discarded stuff of our lives to create something new, either in a painting or sculpture. My art originates in ideas about life, relationships, spiritual practice, dreams, or just the play of manifesting something unexpected as I delve into creating a piece. I also use photography and video to ponder the wonders of life around us. The results of my explorations in various mediums range from representative to abstract, with layers of meaning incorporated in each piece.