Barbara Gatterdam


When I begin the process of creating a piece of pottery, I visualize the steps necessary to complete a specific form.  My favorite forms are tall slender forms such as pitchers and vases which I make in two or three sections and join together when they are strong enough to support each other.During the joining process, it is necessary to give the form a graceful flowing appearance.  This step can be risky but my favorite step because this is when the form changes from straight walled cylinder to a sensual curving shape.  The liveliness of this shape is very gratifying.  At this point I begin to visualize the pot glazed, and, for me a very demanding process.  A beautiful form loses all its beauty if I have applied the glaze poorly, but when a pot comes out of the kiln with a beautiful glaze that enhances its shape, I am very fulfilled and ready to begin the next round of work.